Top 10 Mobile Apps for Business

With thousands of applications available across multiple mobile platforms, including the iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows, it can be tough to pinpoint which ones will be a hit or miss, especially for business needs. But, thankfully, with the wide variety available, there are always options to fit your specific needs.

LogMeIn Ignition

The LogMeIn app allows users to access their computer desktop through their mobile phone screen, ideal for frequent travellers. You can check email through Outlook or use other Microsoft Office programmes just as you would when sitting in front of your work computer. Essentially a remote-access client, LogMeIn comes in free and premium versions. (iPhone/Android/Windows)


Tripit’s a basic social media application that allows you to share your business travel itineraries with those in your social circle. The app also coordinates your travels so you don’t have to: For example, by forwarding confirmation emails to its specified web address, it will organise your schedule so you don’t ever need to miss a flight or train again. And what could be better than checking your social circle to see you could meet up with a colleague while on the road? (iPhone/Blackberry/Android/Windows)


The purpose-built social network for those looking to get ahead in business is a natural choice for inclusion on your mobile handset. In addition to the usual tools of LinkedIn, which include making connections in the business world, users can also benefit from a feature of the app that allows them to quickly share all contact information with colleagues via Bluetooth. (iPhone/Blackberry/Android/Windows)

London Taxi Fare Calculator

Ever get the sneaking suspicion you’re not getting your sterling’s worth when travelling through the capital? Well, the London Taxi Fare Calculator, developed by former Transport for London employees, seeks to take the second-guessing out of street car journeys in London, giving users the option to input starting points and destinations to receive an estimated fare. (iPhone/Android)

Urbanspoon Restaurant Finder

Finding a decent restaurant when you’re in an unfamiliar town for a business meeting used to be a hassle, and without insider knowledge there was always the risk of ending up somewhere unsuitable. However, with the Urbanspoon app, users can be directed to nearby restaurants in major towns across the UK and US by ratings and cuisine, amongst other factors. You can also shake your handset when using the application to randomly select a restaurant for your culinary explanation. (iPhone/Blackberry/Android)


With Qype, users can find local eateries, cafes, attractions, shops and more. You’ll have the whole town in the palm of your hand with Qype, even if it’s your first visit, as it offers listings of local places of interest. And, like a community try-before-you-buy, you can check out ratings of various retailers and restaurants before you dive right in. (iPhone/Blackberry/Android/Nokia)


FlightTrack comes in handy for… tracking flights, naturally! If you’re a frequent business traveller, this app could be useful when heading out to the airport during dodgy weather, or before. In addition, you can also utilise the maps feature, which allows you to see your flight path and the weather along the way. (iPhone/Android)


For those looking to quickly work on documents in the Microsoft Office Suite from their mobile handset or iPad, Quickoffice allows fast access. Whether you need some edits for a pressing document or to type in a few additional fields on a spreadsheet, Quickoffice will provide the functionality you need. (iPhone/Blackberry/Android/Symbian)


One of the most flexible note-taking implements on any mobile platform, Evernote takes notes through several innovative techniques. Users can type in traditional text notes, but also benefit from screen capture technology, photo taking or speech recognition, so you can make sure you get down every last detail. (iPhone/Blackberry/Android)

WiFi Get

Finding a WiFi signal can be tough in a new place, especially when you’re offered up the worst connections first – or your phone can’t seem to find any connections at all. However, WiFi Get for iPhone can search through its database on or offline to find the nearest points for connection, and sorts each WiFi location for users by signal strength. (iPhone)

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