Crazy Benefits

The world’s greatest and craziest employee benefits

After a recent conversation sprang up in the Fasthosts break room, about the best company benefits we’d ever received during our careers, the inevitable thought came to mind – What are the world’s craziest employee benefits?

In companies up and down the country, the most amazing benefits received tend to be superficial, token gestures. Here’s how some businesses do it in style…

Quicken Loans

The CEO of online mortgage lender Quicken, Dan Gilbert, is the also owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Employees of this Michigan based company get transportation to and seats at Quicken Loans Arena to roar on their favourite team, and whenever their favourite band is playing.


Working for this San Francisco biotech giant is filled with incredible perks. As well as providing a day-care centre onsite for the employees they also provide a doggy day-care with optional low cost pet insurance. On top of this Genentech also provide seasonal produce stands in the company cafeteria, drop off laundry service, six-week paid sabbaticals and much more.


Patagonia is a Californian cases outdoor clothing and equipment company that comes with plenty of perks. Patagonia knows just how important surfing is to not only their customers but also their employees. Daily surf reports are posted at the reception desk and when the surf’s particularly good a company-wide announcement is made. Catching a few waves in the workday is the norm and helps prevent staff burning out. Of course not all employees are surfers so Patagonia also provide company bikes, volleyball courts and on-site yoga.


This global consulting and tech firm lets employees choose when and where you want. 92% of employees telecommute.

More incredible company perks…

  1. A running tab at the coffee shop (Jetsetter)
  2. Free meals for employees and visiting family (Facebook)
  3. Access to secret tunnels reached by movable bookcase (Weebly)
  4. Unlimited vacation days (Weebly)
  5. Free skate park, snowboard park, and ski slope (Burton)
  6. Free beer, vodka, tequila, whiskey (Thrillist)
  7. Free housecleaning twice a month (Evernote)
  8. Free iPads (GetGlue)
  9. There are no official work hours of any kind.(Netflix)
  10. Whether you need your dry cleaning picked up or library books returned, S.C. Johnson has you covered. (S.C.Johnson)
  11. Concierge services, including on-site car washing and detailing, haircuts, laundry and dry cleaning — to support a healthy work-life balance. While not free, these services are convenient and efficient (Clif Bar)
  12. Every week the company assembles for a company breakfast — bagels, fresh fruit, eggs, oatmeal, juice, bacon and sausage and more are served — and the team shares news and announcements and a consumer’s “letter of the week.”

How does your company compare? What’s the best perks at your workplace?

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