Online privacy and security: the impact of constantly changing social media settings on users’ privacy

Even if you think your privacy settings are secure and are preventing information posted on your social media accounts from being accessed from Google, as discussed in the previous blog post, a quick Google search can often uncover some interesting findings. If you’re at all worried about some of the information you can see in a simple search, here’s how you can fix this, and fast!

Online Profile

In this day and age, your online reputation can have a huge impact on your career prospects, whatever your age! Just remember, that your online profile follows you around just like your offline profile does. So if there is ever anything that you do not want your boss at work to see, then either do not post it or make sure your privacy settings are set to private. This especially applies to you if you are in the process of applying for a new job. Whilst employers may go to LinkedIn first to check out your credentials, do not be fooled that this is the only type of searching that they do. Statistics have highlighted that, as of June 2014, 43% of employers actively used social media sites to research potential employees. So whether you are in full time work, or searching for that dream job, think twice before posting anything because what may seem like a good idea at the time might come back to haunt you.

Privacy Settings

Next, it is time to get into a routine of checking your privacy settings for each of the social media platforms that you frequently use. Being active on social media is something that has become part of our daily routine, therefore it is imperative that you are aware of the audience your posts may be reaching. Social networking sites do not have to tell users when they are updating their privacy settings, some will send out emails to users and some offer notifications when you use the site for the first time after changes have been made. But in this fast-paced society that we live in, it can be extremely easy not to read these notifications properly or even open the emails that we are sent. Therefore, it is important that you take your privacy settings into your own hands in order to ensure that the content you are posting is not becoming readily available for the world to access. One way to remind yourself is that whenever you see a new update or a layout change, anything minor that makes the social media platform operate slightly differently – check your privacy settings, as this is usually the time that changes are made.

Internet of Things

Have you heard of the phrase the Internet of Things? It is a recently new term, that relates to the new phenomenon that is taking place due to the rapid developments in technology allowing everything to become digitised. From heating that can now be controlled via mobile phone and smart washing machines that can be turned on remotely using only a wifi connection, the developments in technology seem to have no end. However this new turn into all things digital raises even more concern for internet safety. The more information you place online, the greater your risk of being exposed to scams and hackings. Therefore, it is imperative that you regularly change the passwords to all your social media pages, and no it does not work if you use the same one for all of them! Keeping passwords updated is a great way to ensure you are operating safely online and dramatically reduces the chances of your information becoming compromised.

So there you go – the best ways to ensure that you are operating safely online. If you take one thing away from this post, remember this, it is so important to routinely change your passwords and check privacy settings as these are often regularly updated by the social media platforms themselves.

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