New Domain Extensions

Hundreds of new domain extensions, allowing you to link your domain to your brand, location or industry are gradually being released by ICANN. Some are already available to register now and others can be pre-registered simply by searching for your relevant domain. You can do this on the Fasthosts website or via your control panel.

Existing top level domains (gTLDs) vs new gTLDs

It has become noticeably more difficult over the last few years to find a domain that ideally describes your services and function, when limited to the traditional extensions available like .com or .net. The introduction of the new gTLDs mean that companies and individuals can positively increase their online presence and reinforce their brands impact.

gTLD availability

There are several release phases of the new gTLDs- these, in order, are Sunrise, Landrush and the General Availability period. These categories help you to know when you should apply for the domain you are interested in. To view the new extensions, their release dates and get more information about them, check our timeline

  • Sunrise – This is the first time that domains are released. If your trademark matches the domain you want to apply for, this is the time. You can create a watch list for this so that you are notified as soon as the ones that you are interested in become available.
  • Landrush – Higher value, shorter, more memorable domains go on sale during the Landrush period. Again if you have created a watch list of domains you are interested in, we will notify you when your domains are released.
  • General Availability – After both the Sunrise and Landrush stages, all domains go on sale on a first come, first serve basis (Watch lists and pre-registration can help with this)

What to do next

  1. Search for your domains. You can either enter the specific domain you’d like or browse the category lists.
  2. Create a watch list. It’s the easiest way of making sure that you don’t miss your domain when it becomes available- once you’ve found the domain in our database just select the box next to it and we’ll start watching the domain for you so we can send you alerts.
  3. Register. Adding your contact details allows us to contact you as soon as we have a launch date for the domain you have shown an interest in. Then as soon as this date arrives you will be able to register.
  4. Or pre-register for a domain. Call our Domains team on 01452 561872 and let them know the domain that you would like and we’ll submit your application as soon as the registry releases it.

*Please note: pre-ordering a domain does not guarantee that the application will be successful when submitted for registration. We will refund payment for any domain(s) that were pre-ordered but unsuccessfully registered. 

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