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If you’re looking for a good career then you’re going to fail

When I was nine, my Dad said to me that if I worked really hard I’d do well at school, go to college and onto university, where I’d graduate with first class honours. From there if I continued to work really, really hard I’d go on to have a great career.

He left out a key point. What he should have said, is that if I work really hard doing what I am most passionate about then I will have a great career.

I should point out that I left school with distinctly average grades, studied sports science at college and then went straight into work in the IT industry. Fortunately I’ve stumbled into a job doing things I am passionate about.

Not everyone wants a great career. Some people reading this will be content with a good career. Unfortunately good jobs are now disappearing. There are great jobs and great careers, and then there are the high-workload, high-stress, soul-destroying kind of jobs at places where dreams go to die. With practically nothing in between.

There will always be an excuse to avoid pursuing your passion, however, it seems many people are going after theirs this year with new start-up businesses popping up all over the UK.

Here at Fasthosts we’re always keen to urge people to get their passion online and you can start with small steps. Getting a website online costs less than £6 per month and could be the start of your dream career.

Ask yourself, are you going to have a great career?

The first step is easier than you thought. Pursue your passion and bring it to life!

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