If you cannot be passionate about what you do, do something else.

Where better to find business advice and inspiration from those who have set up and created their own companies?

We recently got in touch with a few of the customers who have reviewed us on the Fasthosts Review Site to ask them:

“If you could give one piece of advice to other businesses, what would it be?”

“Look at your business marketing through the eyes of your potential customer, many times I see it’s all about ‘What we do’ not ‘This is what we can do for you’. A potential customer wants to know the difference you can make to them.”

Chris Jenkinson, Jenkinson & Associates

“Have a business plan and don’t keep it in the cupboard, review and update it regularly, you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t know where you are going…”

Kate Watson, PC Skills

“Don’t over think it, just go with what feels right.”

Catherine McClymont, Lead You Into Temptation

“Always prioritise doing a fantastic job for your current clients. It is much more cost effective to up-sell to your current clients than to sell to new ones. Focus on what you already have, deliver above expectations, and find a way for the clients you’ve already got to become regular clients rather than one-offs. If you treat your clients well and work hard for them, they will value this and will stay with you, become loyal customers and will (hopefully!) recommend you to others.”

Jonny Ross, Jonny Ross Consultancy

“Make sure your business exists for “the greater good”, not just for profit. This will greatly increase the chances of people trusting and respecting your business. For us, “the greater good” takes into account our community, the environment, sustainability and quality of service at every level.”

Daniel West, Silverback Internet Services

“Learn from your mistakes, always have belief in yourself even when others are waning”

Darren Wiseman, Sales Arm

“I’ve been in business now for about 3 years and I’ve managed and developed my business based on the advice I’ve received from friends, colleagues and managers. If I had to make one point it would be that listening to advice and taking it on board can help you always. A business is based on the idea of the individual who made it, to further expand that idea and to make your idea a success you need to have the ability to listen to advice and criticism when its given. I can gladly say that I’ve taken on board the advice and criticism since being in business and it has helped me to develop my business to what it is today.”

Byron Rees, United Studios

“If you cannot be passionate about what you do, do something else.”

Julia Webb-Harvey,

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