How to give your business a New Year spring clean

New Year may seem like a lifetime ago, but now is still the perfect time to give your business a New Year spring clean. De-cluttering your business from the previous year and ensuring you have a fresh start can provide your business with many benefits. But how exactly do you go about giving your whole business a spring clean? Well, this blog will take you through everything you need to know in order to be able to successfully spring clean your business.

De-cluttering your business can really help improve your business, boost sales, drive traffic to your website and ensure you are operating efficiently. There are several steps that can be taken to give your business a spring clean. However, some of these steps can take time, so be sure to make small changes often and do not expect miracles to happen straight away.

Update your website

Have you been putting off a website update for some time now? Are there some changes you have been desperate to make but you just haven’t found the time to carry out? Well, now is the perfect time to implement these changes. Taking some time to really look at your website, assess the functionality, how much engagement you are receiving and considering pages which need updating or editing can have a huge impact on the traffic it is receiving.

Using tools such as Google Analytics can allow you to see exactly what is happening, which landing pages audiences are enter your site via, the pages they visit on your site, where they have come from, whether they are connecting with your content and whether they are sharing your content on their social media pages. It is an extremely effective tool to use and can really ensure your website is operating efficiently. Before you decide to have a complete site overhaul, first try using an analytical service to see if there are some minor changes that you can start with which may solve your problems.

De-clutter your office

This may sound like an extremely obvious space that would need a spring clean, however, de-cluttering your office can ensure that you are able to work in a clean and clear environment. Studies have proven that people who take control of their workplace are up to 32% more productive than those who do not. Whether it is giving your office a makeover, inputting some personality or simply clearing away the mess, taking some time to de-clutter your office can provide your business with extremely positive benefits.

Give your social media profiles a spring clean

Giving your business a spring clean should not stop at just your website and your office space. Take some time to have a look at your social media profiles, ensure that the platforms you are using are still relevant to your audience and are creating engagement. It is also a great idea to look at you who is following you on social media, dead or spam accounts can really discredit your business so it is a good idea to remove these accounts and ensure that the people following you are engaging with your business.

Organise your content

Content is king. I’m sure this is a phrase that you are extremely familiar with. However, it is crucial that you ensure the content you are creating for your business is relevant, up to date and creating engagement with your audiences. Have a look at your blog articles, social media posts and website articles. Take the time to really analyse their effectiveness, are people engaging with the content? Are they taking the time to share it on their social media platforms? Are they leaving comments? Are they taking part in discussions? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to take action.

Review your products/services

When you have taken the time to look at your business, your website and your social media platforms, it is also good to take the time to look at your products/services. Is there a new product that has been in the pipeline that you have been waiting to release? Or is there a new service that you want to add? Is there a new collection that you have been waiting to design? Well, now is the time! It is always a great idea to ensure that you have a constant flow of new and exciting things for your audience to engage with; new products or services are exactly that!

So there you have it – how to give your business a New Year spring clean! Putting into place these tips can really ensure that your business is functioning efficiently, your content is connecting with your audience and your social media platforms are effective. Now is the time to prepare your business for the remainder of the year so what are you waiting for? Get out there and give your business a spring clean.

About Jonny Ross Consultancy

Jonny Ross has over 15 years experience working with small businesses and specialises in digital marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and online engagement strategies for both B2B and B2C businesses. Jonny has a proven track record in the e-commerce field and everything SEO related, including social media and website design.

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