Get Your New Business Off the Ground – Part 3

This is Part 3 in our 5 Part series from Get Your New Business Off The Ground. Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you more great tips and advice to help publicise your great new website. If you missed last week post check it out – Learn From the Best

Start Getting Social

For new businesses the rise of social media is a welcome revolution. The ever increasing importance it plays in marketing, communicating with customers and building contacts is invaluable. Best of all, the most important social networking sites are free!

I would advise creating a Social Media Plan first to focus your efforts as you could find your spending hours on these sites without getting the results you want. If you’ve any questions about creating a Social Media Plan then just drop me a Tweet @fasthosts and use the hashtag #fhblog

If you’re a B2B company I would focus your efforts on LinkedIn. If you’re company that relies on getting people through the shop door then read up on the Foursquare services. For the rest of us the best sites are Twitter and Facebook Pages to build customer engagement and interest.

Also set up a profile on social bookmarking site like StumbleUponRedditDigg and Delicious. To spread your website content across the web.

We’ve lots of articles on how to use Social Media to increase the exposure of your business. Just check out our Social Media category for some helpful How To guides and Tutorials.

If you have any questions about this post or any of the other Fasthosts Posts then send us a Tweet @fasthosts and add the hashtag #fhblog.

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