Get Your New Business Off the Ground – Part 1

SEOThis is Part 1 in our 5 Part series from Get Your New Business Off The Ground. Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you more great tips and advice to help publicise your great new website.

So you’ve decided to start a new business and need to gain some exposure. It’s now time to get your business off the ground and get it online. For this post we’ve assumed you’ve already got a website or blog. If you’ve not yet set up a website or blog then check out our great value web hosting, all of which come with a Sitebuilder tool.

Part 1 – Become SEO Friendly

This step is crucial as you will see in the next 4 steps. Search Engines need to be able to crawl your site and if you’re not SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly then they won’t be able to do this efficiently. Our Ultimate SEO Tips Guide provides you with more in-depth advice, however, this article will focus on the basics:

1. Choose Your Keywords – this is what you want people to find your website for when searching online. Remember popular words are often very competitive such as garden, music, sport, news etc. Pick words that get more detailed to your site; garden store Gloucester, online jazz music shop, hockey club London, midlands political news. Although not as many people are searching for these terms they are less competitive so you’ve a better chance of getting to Page 1 in Google. Also the visitors will be more targeted and hopefully stay on your site longer as it is more targeted to what they were originally looking for.

2. Title Tag, H1 Tags and Keywords Density – If you’re not a web developer you may need some help with this. If you click ‘View’ in your browser right now and select ‘Source’ or ‘Page Source’ it will bring up the code of this page. Within the code (near the top) is the <title> tag. There will also be a <h1> tag. It is important to try and include as many of your keywords in these tags are possible whilst still making the title descriptive.

3. Inbound Links – Getting inbound links is one of the most important elements that Google takes into account when ranking your site. It’s worth taking 5 minutes to read through our post Get More Website Visitors from Google for more information on this.

If you have any questions about the steps covered in this post or any other articles on this blog then just send me a Tweet @fasthosts and use the hashtag #fhblog. Good luck with the new business and remember to check out Fasthosts wide range of hosting services that are available for businesses of all sizes.

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