.London; the capital’s new domain

Priority applications are now available for the new .London domain name for a limited time only. Priced very competitively at just £19.99 plus the one off £5 application fee, you can secure your new domain through Fasthosts, an approved premium registrar from 29th April 2014.

Purchasing a .London domain will highlight your connection to the capital, help to encourage customer loyalty and help you to compete with large enterprises. Choosing to associate yourself with a strong regional identity, like .London will bring other benefits such as:

  • Strengthening your brand nationally and internationally
  • Gain customers looking for goods or services in London
  • Creating trust through association with London’s domain
  • Acquiring the short, memorable domain that links you to London

The initial launch period, between 29th April and 31st July has been organised via a priority allocation system into the four categories below:

  1. Trademarks verified with ICANN’s TMCH database
  2. Londoners (Those with a physical address in the City of London or its 32 boroughs) with rights to a name (such as proof of business or trading name)
  3. Londoners (Those with a physical address in the City of London or its 32 boroughs)
  4. Non-Londoners

Customers will be allocated domains based on their eligibility and resulting classification. Should two or more applications be made for the same domain and are given equal priority, then these will go to auction once the launch period ends. By the end of the 90 days all applications will have been allocated.

Don’t delay your application. Search and secure your .London domain before it’s too late.

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