Channelling our energy into customer support

The benefits of 24/7 customer support are obvious. If you have issues with an IT service that’s critical to running your business, you need it fixed now – inside office hours or not. But another important aspect of support isn’t just the length of time it covers, it’s the breadth of channels it extends across.

What’s your preferred method of contacting a service provider? There’s never been more choice, from the old standbys telephone and email to the increasingly popular social media and live chat. Customers now deal with businesses whenever and however they want to, whether that means picking up the phone at 3am or tweeting over lunch. Understanding this, Fasthosts has put in place even more resources to deliver an outstanding customer experience across the board.

Our customer support includes email and 24/7 telephone options – this might seem like a given, but it’s worth noting that many providers still don’t offer support by phone. While it can be convenient to gather your thoughts and fire them off in an email, sometimes the immediate response of a phone call is exactly what’s needed. Our live chat functionality offers the best of both worlds, giving you an instant reply from the comfort of your computer. And of course, we’re also present on the major social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

If you need specialised assistance on a particular product, you’ll be glad to know that we provide dedicated support teams for server customers and resellers. Even when you have a very specific issue with a highly technical system, you can rest assured that we have experts on hand with exactly the right skills and information required to fix the problem.

Direct contact between client and provider isn’t the only way support works. There are various other means for providing information and instructions, such as help pages, how-to videos and downloadable guides. Fasthosts offers assistance across a full range of subjects, with comprehensive and detailed knowledge base articles. We also provide PDF guides, webinars and more, and our system status page allows all customers to be aware of any known issues that may be affecting them, without needing to get in touch.

An emerging new support channel comes in the shape of community forums. The Fasthosts support community has now entered its beta stage, providing the opportunity for customers to ask questions on a complete range of subjects. This is a fantastic way to get highly informed answers, advice, tips and feedback, not only from our own experts, but also from our rich community of developers and web professionals.

At Fasthosts, we’ve put a huge amount of time and energy into ensuring that you can contact us any way you want to. Whether you’d prefer to phone, email, chat or simply raise a support ticket – the choice is yours. For more details on our support commitments and how we can help you, visit the Fasthosts support site.

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