Boost Your Credibility

Don’t be frightened about writing opinion content, whether it’s for your own website or literature, or for another media outlet.

Writing an intelligent and well-crafted opinion piece can be an excellent way to boost credibility and establish yourself as an expert or influencer within your particular sector. The key to this is providing insight, value and consistency across all of your articles.

The first stage to formulating your article should be to discard the idea of promotion, forget for a moment your products and services. Focus on your sector and what excites you most: where do the opportunities lie; who is doing great things; what impact is the national landscape having on your business, and so on.

You will also need to make sure you are saying something different. This doesn’t mean to say you need to constantly “dare” yourself to be controversial or whacky – it means avoiding platitudes and thinking about a fresh topic and angle. This will require some research, but if you’re keeping abreast of your sector news, and the wider regional and national news picture, this will be easier.

Consider the mechanisms behind your business: the challenges, the decision making and the market climate.

Focus on depth of writing too. Look to expand on all of your points fully with supporting sources.

Do not worry at this point about word count. Chances are that uninterested readers have been lost in the first 100 words or so anyway. You want to draw the engaged readers through your article at a consistent pace, feeding them facts, insight and colour along the way.

Present competitors and cite them. This might sound counter-intuitive but it gives the piece a sound balance, making it an interesting read and not just a means of promotion.

These are some of the key tenets of any article, and certainly ones we encourage across users of Bdaily. We’re a business news provider with something of a flatter structure than traditional media. As a business or an individual, you can create a profile and post news, opinion and advice. As long as your content is balanced and interesting, it can be visible alongside staff editorial.

We’re blurring the lines between reader and contributor. Let us know what you think about the model over on our blog, where we’re talking about the business.

Written by Tom Keighley, Editor of Bdaily.

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